Torma in Dub

Psy dub

We are excited to present to you the new album from one of the most recognized producers in the electronic music scene in Mexico! He himself has declared being “speechless” to describe the excitement and pride he feels with his new release. This album, which is considered his most “perfected” and ambitious production in terms of concept and production, promises to be a delight for the ears and feet of all electronic music lovers. He invites his audience to listen and dance to the rhythm of his music. In this album, Torma in Dub shows his love and gratitude to the people who have been an important part of his life and career. From his Ana Lucía Castillo, to his “three little fairies” who make his heart shine, passing through his friend and collaborator Gabriel Prida “Jah My-T” and Jasper ‘Crazy Baldhead’ Dubmission Records. In addition, the album features the collaboration of Israel Herrera “Hisrav”, who has brought the magic of FM synthesis to the tracks of “Aeris”. Thanks are also given to the Bass Attack Sound System team for their work and to Shahar Bar-Itzhak for his constant support. The album has been mastered by Rulas Undergroove at Soundship Studio and has been written, produced, and designed by the artist himself in his HereThereEverywhere studio. Don’t miss the opportunity to listen to this incredible production! You can find the album at the following link: https://fanlink.to/solveetcoagula. Thank you for listening!

Tor.Ma in Dub – Solve et Coagula Bandcamp https://bit.ly/3ERDkw1 Spotify https://spoti.fi/3ZCIfJw Apple https://apple.co/3ETkFjH

1. Alchemy 2. Terra 3. Terra Dub 4. As Above 5. Aqua 6. Aqua Dub 7. Ether 8. Aeris 9. Aeris Dub 10. So Below 11. Igni 12. Igni Dub 13. Solve et Coagula

Download or stream from https://fanlink.to/solveetcoagula


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