“The Beauty and the Chaos – EMF” – A Stunning and Profound Musical Journey


Label: EMF Records

Genre: Funk / Pop / Rock

Release Date: January 26, 2024


  • James Atkin – vocals
  • Ian Dench – guitar
  • Derry Brownson – keyboards / samples
  • Stevey Marsh – bass
  • Adrian Todd – drums

Track Listing:

  1. Hello People 3:48
  2. Reach For The Lasers 3:21
  3. 21st Century 3:55
  4. Read The Room 3:19
  5. I’ve Been Down 3:29
  6. The Day The Music Died 4:12
  7. Stardust 3:54
  8. Lookout Mountain 3:36
  9. Red Flags 3:10
  10. Do It Again 5:14
  11. Hello People ft Stephen Fry Facts vs Fear (Bonus) 4:09
  12. I’m A Believer 2023 (Bonus) 4:29

Introduction: The highly anticipated arrival of “The Beauty and the Chaos” finds the band at their creative zenith, delivering the classic sound fans have come to love. The collaboration with Ralph Jezzard, producer of their worldwide hit “Unbelievable” and their first two albums, adds an extra layer of sonic excellence to this long-awaited release.

A Musical Experience in All its Glory: Described as “Auditory Glory and Stories,” the album tackles broader and more political themes than its predecessors. It explores immigration, protest, climate change, and our place in the universe. EMF skillfully blends techno synths, punk guitars, groovy rock rhythms, and ingenious sampling into a unique sonic fusion, masterfully presented by Ralph Jezzard. Unwrapping and enjoying this musical creation is immersing oneself in a rich and diverse experience.

A Diverse Musical Journey: With 10 finely crafted songs, the album spans from the indie grove and call for tolerance in “Hello People” to the techno punk of “Reach For The Lasers,” the mischievous Northern Soul of “Read The Room,” the swampy electronica of “I’ve Been Down,” the prog punk of “Stardust,” and the trip trop gospel of “Lookout Mountain.” The closing psychedelic “Do It Again,” a song about trying to grow up but failing, completes this debut album in a masterful way.

Bonuses and Road Celebration: The CD album features two additional tracks; a remix of the first single “Hello People” featuring Stephen Fry and a remake of the Monkees cover, “I’m A Believer.” To celebrate the release of ‘The Beauty and The Chaos’ album, EMF takes to the road for a headline tour promising “songs, energy, lasers, community, excitement, and a feeling like we will all live forever.”

Rating: 10/10 Review by: [Mr. Stardrill]

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