DJ Saeg’s new EP, “Floating In Skanks”!


 This release, available as a free download on Culture Dub Records, immerses you in Electro Deep Dub with Stepper and hypnotic touches, created under the inspiration of Jamaican music. Throughout its 6 tracks, a soundtrack unfolds that takes you on a journey to discover the Anahuac culture.

Who is DJ Saeg?

Since 2011, DJ Saeg has served as the official DJ for Mexican singer Lengualerta, bringing powerful and conscious Reggae Dub to the world stage. Based in Mexico City and with a musical career dating back to 1999, he began as a selector and scratcher, playing in clubs in Mexico, Europe and other countries.

His collaboration with Lengualerta led him to delve into the Sound System culture, taking Jamaican influences to create soulful tracks that blend cultural samples with deep bass and melodic or cutting skanks. He won over Mexican audiences and set dancefloors on fire in the land of sombreros and tequila.

“Floating In Skanks”: where Reggae, Jazz, Techno and Dub converge

In this EP, DJ Saeg captures his live experiences through 6 tracks influenced by Reggae, Jazz, Techno and Dub, always with Skank as the rhythmic thread. The presence of samples from the history of the Anahuac culture (Mexican culture) and the collaborations with Fractal Seed, Dubtor T-Bone and guitarist Mateo Shneider shape a dynamic, mystical and profound soundscape.

Why listen to “Floating In Skanks”?

  • If you are looking to immerse yourself in a musical journey through Mexico with global influences.
  • If you like Electro Deep Dub with Stepper and hypnotic touches.
  • If you appreciate cultural samples and collaborations that add richness and sonic diversity.
  • If you want to discover a Mexican artist with an outstanding career in the Reggae Dub scene.

Don’t miss the opportunity to download “Floating In Skanks” for free and let yourself be carried away by the rhythm and mystique of DJ Saeg!

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