DJ Mutacks has created a unique and hypnotic experience in their anniversary set for our favorite station, filled with surprising sound elements that will keep you hooked throughout the journey.

With their extensive experience in the electronic scene and exceptional track mixing skills, Mutacks has created an atmosphere of psychedelia and endless energy at the XVII Anniversary of X-FDR Net Radio.

It’s a perfect blend of complex rhythms, surprising transitions, and unique sound elements that will transport you to places you never imagined.

Their style and track selection clearly show their influence from psy-trance, and their ability to create a seamless experience from beginning to end.

If you’re looking for something exciting and high-energy, don’t miss Mutacks’ session.

Get ready for an exhilarating journey filled with psychedelia and energy that will take you to a whole new dimension.

This is a set you can’t afford to miss!

#xfdrnews #Mutacks #psytrance #psychedelia

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