“DJ Stardrill presents Paxango Dub Selectah at Ometeotl festival.”

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Today we bring you a report of one of the most exciting events of the season: the Ometeotl festival in Morelos, Mexico.

One of the festival’s highlights for us was the performance of our friend DJ Stardrill in the Kuikayotl arts area, which took place on March 31st in Alpuyeca Morelos.

His low-beat music took us on a journey through nocturnal and tribal rhythms with plenty of dub psychedelia, downtempo, afro psybient, and mixed some classics from the 90s and current projects. In an auditory cosmology that encompassed the full variety of genres and music of the Pachamama vibe, he made us vibrate to the rhythm of incredible artists like Globular, Soulacybin, Spiral Minded, Baby Mammoth, and more. Here he shares with us this magical set that was perfect for welcoming the sunrise.

DJ Stardrill is an exceptional artist who always seeks to create a unique sound experience for his audience. Don’t miss his upcoming performances.

Listen here: Podcast Ometeotl Stardrill

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