Music Production

“Pioneer releases OPUS-QUAD, the standalone mixer.”

The OPUS-QUAD is a new DJ equipment unit that combines a sleek design with great versatility to offer a unique music experience. It is capable of playing up to four tracks on four different decks autonomously, allowing for great flexibility in selecting and mixing music.

The history of electronic music.

Hello, I’m glad to know that you’re interested in the history of electronic music. It’s a fascinating genre that has had a great influence on popular culture worldwide and is constantly evolving. In this article, I will talk about some of the most important artists and their impact on the ...

The Rise in Use of Loops and Samples Within EDM and Urban Music Production

In a relatively short space of time, the use of royalty free downloadable loops & sample packs within musical compositions by electronic music producers has become increasingly popular. In today’s world of electronic digital music, it is so much easier to get your music heard and to quickly develop a ...

Trap Music, The New “BIG THING” In The Music Industry

If popular artists like Gucci Mane, Young Jeezy, T.I., fits on the top of your list of music then you must have surely know the term “Trap”. Trap music is the latest genre catching rage in the modern 2013 epoch. Having its origin from the Hip Hop music, Trap is ...

The Best in EDM Music!

Partying and music festivals in Mumbai has been looking better and better with every passing night. With new clubs, bars and pubs opening all over the city, nightlife has been thriving. The same can be said for DJs and clubs, which seem to be sprouting all over the metropolis we ...

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