“Out of the Blue: Unveiling the OMNIS-DUO Portable All-in-One DJ System”

January 31, 2024 - Uncategorized

Music knows no bounds, and now, neither does the DJ experience, thanks to the OMNIS-DUO. This remarkable, portable system is designed to bring the party to any location, at any time. Want to know more? Let’s dive into the details!

Portable All-in-One DJ System: Party Anywhere! The OMNIS-DUO is your perfect companion for spontaneous DJ parties. With its compact and lightweight design, it easily fits into your backpack, allowing you to bring music to unexpected places. Featuring a 2-deck + mixer design, it ensures a natural DJ experience, and its touchscreen with Light and Dark modes ensures clear visibility, even outdoors.

Let the Party Continue with the Built-in Battery! Enjoy up to 5 hours of wireless playback thanks to the powerful built-in battery. Charging is a breeze with the USB Type-C port, whether using the adapter or a power bank. Additionally, for wireless freedom with ultra-low latency, you can pair the OMNIS-DUO with the WAVE-EIGHT portable DJ speaker.

Flexible Audio Output Options for Any Scenario:

  • Bluetooth audio output lets you take the party to new locations, from forests to beaches and even vehicles.
  • For venues, use the professional XLR output.
  • RCA terminals are ideal for home monitors.

Collaborative DJing! The OMNIS-DUO not only allows you to control the music but also lets your friends join the fun. With Bluetooth audio input, any friend can easily connect their phone and play their favorite track. Adjust the volume, equalizer, apply effects, and even scratch the audio for an expanded musical experience.

Support for Multiple Music Sources:

  • Access music from USB connections, SD cards, and PC/Mac.
  • Compatible with rekordbox’s Performance mode, Link Export, and CloudDirectPlay for easy access, playback, and mixing of music.
  • Coming Soon! Serato DJ Lite support this summer.

Style that Stands Out in Any Environment: The OMNIS-DUO features a sleek design inspired by jeans, fitting seamlessly into any environment, from professional events to outdoor parties. Its unique curves and minimal footprint on the top plate create a sophisticated look that complements any location.

Discover more about the music revolution with OMNIS-DUO. The party is wherever you are! Explore it here.

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