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June 3, 2023

As electronic music specialists, we are pleased to present information about “ORIGEN Festival”, an event promising 28 hours of continuous music in a wooded environment in the State of Mexico.

The festival will feature a mix of electronic genres, from psychedelic PsyTrance to house and techno.

The music lineup is impressive and offers a selection of international artists, as well as special guests and a large number of artists from Mexico.

Among the international highlights is SHARMATIX, the live PsyTrance act from Chile, who will be the headliner.

There are also several Mexican artists, such as ARCEK and FUTURO, who will offer their own live Hi Tech and PsyTrance performances. Additionally, there will be a variety of DJs offering live sets of Progressive PsyTrance, Techno, and other genres.

The decoration and services of the event are also impressive, with a wide range of amenities such as camping area, security, parking, drinks bar, food stands, and more. In addition, the opening ceremony and live performances promise to add another dimension to the festival.

Overall, if you are a fan of electronic music and looking for a unique experience in a wooded environment, ORIGEN Festival is an excellent option.

The lineup is impressive, the location is beautiful, and the promise of 28 hours of continuous music is truly exciting.

Without a doubt, it is an event not to be missed if you are in Mexico during June 3 and 4, 2023.

Official Info:

ORIGEN Festival is once again inviting you to live 28 hours of MOOM presents:

ORIGEN FESTIVAL | June 3 and 4, 2023. State of Mexico.

PsyTrance . Hi Tech . Progressive Trance . Full On . Techno . House

LINEUP (28 hours of continuous music)


⏩SHARMATIX ?? | Ovnimoon Records PsyTrance Live Act https://on.soundcloud.com/oDLXK https://www.facebook.com/sharmatixpsytrance https://www.instagram.com/sharmatixmusic/ @sharmatixmusic


⏩ARCEK | Multidimensional Music Hi Tech Live Act https://on.soundcloud.com/47fR1

⏩FUTURO | Multidimensional Music PsyTrance Live Act https://on.soundcloud.com/Sy7vE

⏩VENEZULAXICAN ?? | Psysense Records Hi Tech Live Act https://on.soundcloud.com/1AdGF

⏩MRS. GAIL | Trebol Talent, Snare Bookings ?? Progressive PsyTrance Live Set. Querétaro

⏩DJANE ZAKINA | Predator Records, Space Bookings. PsyTrance https://on.soundcloud.com/JgfgS Guanajuato

⏩DJANE MUZZYK | Andea Records, Space Bookings, Trebol Talent. PsyTrance https://on.soundcloud.com/Jsj3r Guanajuato

⏩UNIMATIC | Evolution Mind, Space Bookings. PsyTrance https://on.soundcloud.com/rGBwN Guanajuato

⏩SP3KTRAL PHONIC | Space Bookings. PsyTrance https://on.soundcloud.com/FBq1s Guanajuato

⏩??????????? | ???????. PsyTrance

⏩??????????? | ???????. PsyTrance


⏩SPECTRONIKKA | Andea Records, Space Bookings, Codec Agency. PsyTrance Live Act.

⏩CHICANO PROJECT | Wutl Records?? , Space Bookings. Hi Tech Live Act.

⏩SPYWARE | X Records, Ajna Connection, Space Bookings. PsyTrance Live Actt.

⏩ZENTIMA | DEM Records PsyTrance Live Act.

⏩BLUE COD3 | Remor Records PsyTrance/Full On Live Act.

⏩DJANE JESHA MENESES | Roof Garden Melodic Techno, Progressive Hose Dj Set.

⏩NYAH | Mantra Crew, Magnetik Noise Records Twilight Dj set.

⏩CIRCUPSYCHO | Independientes PsyTrance Dj set.

⏩HECTIKA | DementeLibre PsyTrance Dj set.

More artists to be announced…

?OPENING CEREMONY? ???????????????????


⛩️Aerial decoration: ????????????

?Stage decoration: MOOM team

?Decoration throughout the festival

?PERFORMANCE? ????????????

SERVICES ▪️ Location inside the forest. ▪️ Professional audio. ▪️ Decoration. ▪️ Ground Support Stage. ▪️ Professional lighting. ▪️ Camping area. ▪️ Security. ▪️ Parking. ▪️ Drink bar. ▪️ Food stands. ▪️ 28 hours of music.


Special Valentine’s Day pre-sale (2×1): $250 (double access). From February 14th to February 20th.

Pre-sale Phase 1: $250 (per person). From February 21st to April 15th.

Pre-sale Phase 2: $350 (per person). From April 16th to June 1st.

Box office: To be announced soon.

RPs State of Mexico and CDMX

JUAN HERNANDEZ / 5624280901 Areas: Nicolas Romero, Atizapan de Zaragoza, Tlanepantla, and Naucalpan.

EDGAR ROSALES / 5616634181 Areas: Roma, Condesa, del Valle, and Navarrete.

EMANUEL GARCÍA / 5610782024 Areas: CDMX, Cuajimalpa, Santa Fé, Line 2 of the metro.

JAAN DELIK / 5624400460 Areas: Ecatepec, Indios Verdes, Coacalco.

ALEJANDRA NL / 5618675098 Areas: Tlanepantla, Atizapan, and Azcapotzalco.

BEASTWAR / 5573298007 Areas: Azcapotzalco, Tlanepantla.

ISRAEL ALVARADO / 5564875870 Areas: Plaza Candela, Tlanepantla, any sub-urban station.

JOEL PEREZ / 5627622561 Areas: Tepotzotlan, Cuatitlan Izcalli.

LUIS ENRIQUE / 5633530456 Areas: Oriente Chimalhuacan, Neza, Los Reyes.

ROBERTO CANO / 5614973238 Areas: Tultepec, Cuautitlan, Tepotzotlan.

‼️RULES‼️ ▪️ No weapons. ▪️ No entering with alcoholic beverages. ▪️ No glass bottles. ▪️ No drugs. ▪️ Respect for all brothers and sisters. ▪️ Zero tolerance for harassment.


This is phase 2 in our Line Up for ORIGEN Festival featuring one of the most outstanding projects from the Chilean label Ovnimoon Records, we’re talking about Nico, who is the mind behind the Sharmatix project, as well as producers from our state and DJs visiting us from the Bajío region.

You can purchase the pre-sale phase 1 ticket for $250 with any authorized RP until April 15th. Starting from April 16th, the pre-sale cost will be $350.

See you all at

ORIGEN Festival!

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