Psy Circus Festival 2023: The Psympsons

May 12, 2023

After finishing their interdimensional travels with the portal gun in the last edition of Psy Circus, Rick and Morty traveled back to their own dimension, not without leaving us an open portal to the yellow dimension.

The most psychedelic and crazy circus in Mexico is back and ready to invade Springfield! Ay caramba! Many adventures await us, top-level music crossing the portal to bring us a memorable event, circus and craziness with Krusty the Clown and many more artists preparing a magnificent and formidable show.

Welcome to another edition of Psy Circus festival!

  ???? ???

Plankton/Anomalistic Récords ??

Crone/Tartara Récords ??

Yatzee/Freak Récords ??

Procs/Sanaton Récords ??

Traskel/Sanaton Récords ??

Vox Fabri/Twenty-Five Récords ??

Xikwry Neyrra/Twenty-Five Récords ??

Mexican Armada/Twenty-Five Récords ??

Yoshua Em/Twenty-Five Récords ??

Kek Heh/ Twenty-Five Récords ??

(More artists will cross into the yellow dimension) ???????? ???  (Loading) ???????? 3 Stages Professional Audio Professional Lighting Professional Security Camping Area Rest Areas Green Areas Clean Bathrooms Clean Showers Well-Stocked Bar Food Area Official Santa Chora Shop Naftha Trance-wear Shop


? Early Bird: $1000 (Limited to 300 tickets, until January 15th or while supplies last) (Note: This appears to be written in Thai script, so the transliteration may not be 100% accurate.)

?️Puntos de Venta

▪️La Santa Chora Smoke Shop ▪️Humo Shop ▪️La Cueva del Nagual ▪️Expressive Tatto Studio


?Andrea Duran. Zona; Oblatos. Cell: 331 285 2069. https://www.facebook.com/andreaduuraan

?Ponlehorror Art Sergio Peña. Zona: periférico norte, auditorio, arroyo hondo. Telegram: 332 599 5749. https://www.facebook.com/ponlehorror.art.9

?Itzayana Martínez Zona: Tonalá y alrededores. Cell:346 105 1767 https://www.facebook.com/maye.olmo

?Bymat. Zona: Tlajomulco y Alrededores. Cell:331 802 6461. https://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=100009413071881

?Valeria Arriaga. Zona: revolución y alrededores. Cell: 331 7o2 2335. https://www.facebook.com/vale.ladiabblaa


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