Fractal Nights CDMX

February 10, 2024

Attention, psychedelic enthusiasts and lovers of the underground energy! We are thrilled to announce a series of events that will set the tone for the nighttime scene in Mexico City: Fractal Nights!

This groundbreaking concept will take us through multiple gatherings throughout the year, immersing us in the essence of the underground nightlife. We will be exploring different styles and frequencies of Psychedelic, creating unique and unforgettable experiences.

We don’t want you to miss the chance to be part of this revolution. Thank you for your ongoing support!

[Line Up Presentation]

Get ready to embark on a sonic journey with our incredible Line Up:

☆ FishEye (Intermind Records) ????????

☆Brojanowski (Zenon Records) ????????

☆ Woody Bear (Zenon Records) ????????

☆DmNT (Zenon Records) ????????

☆ Deuteroz (Enky Lab Manager) ????????

☆ Tooñoo (Fractal Dimension/ Enky Lab) ????????

☆ AuDi (Fractal Dimension) ????????

☆ Mark (Fractal Dimension) ????????

☆ Srna (Fractal Dimension) ????????


☆ $250 (Hasta las 23:00h)
☆ $350 (General)

☆ Audio Powered by HK Audio

[Ticket Information]

The entry is your ticket to this unique experience:

  • ☆ $250 (Until 23:00h)
  • ☆ $350 (General)

Attention! This event is limited to 200 people, so make sure to take all necessary precautions.


You’ll enjoy a complete sensory experience with:

  • ☆ Audio powered by HK Audio
  • ☆ Professional and friendly security
  • ☆ Professional lighting
  • ☆ Visuals by Kuru & Deranged
  • ☆ Clean restrooms (M/F)
  • ☆ Unique decor
  • ☆ Well-stocked drinks bar
  • ☆ Fast food options

[Rules and Regulations]

To ensure the safety and well-being of everyone, we kindly ask you to follow our rules:

  • ☆ No alcoholic beverages allowed
  • ☆ No drugs
  • ☆ No weapons
  • ☆ Zero tolerance for counterfeit bills
  • ☆ Zero tolerance for any type of violence
  • ☆ Only 1 closed cigarette pack
  • ☆ Only 2 liters of water per person (sealed)
  • ☆ You can bring candies and seeds
  • ☆ No entry discounts. Please do not insist!
  • ☆ Bring your best vibe and positive attitude. Let’s dance and enjoy together in harmony!


Fractal Nights is designed to be more than just an event; it’s a unique experience where music, community, and energy come together to create lasting memories. See you on the dance floor, psychedelic explorers! Thank you for being part of this nighttime revolution!

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