Encounters – Pleiadian Label Experience

March 2, 2024

Explore the vast frontiers of the sonic cosmos with “Encounters: Pleiadian Label Experience”! Two decades ago, a spacecraft from the Pleiades unfolded its cosmic sails to reach our planet Earth. On board, a crew of sonic warriors embarked on a transcendental mission: to share the wisdom and secrets of the universe with our civilization in the midst of evolutionary progress.

This interstellar journey, led by a mothership, has traversed galaxies and alternate dimensions, recruiting interstellar beings skilled in the universal language of frequencies. These technological maestros, capable of translating messages downloaded from the circuits of the fabric of space-time, have formed an interdimensional brotherhood aboard the mothership.

The cosmic odyssey, titled “Encounters: Pleiadian Label Experience,” will reach its peak on March 2 and 3, 2024, in Morelos, Mexico. Get ready to immerse yourself in a unique intergalactic experience, where frequencies travel through time, creating a universal vision revealed through the sonic constellation deployed by these technological maestros.

In this musical journey, the Galactic crew invites you to explore new sonic frontiers, to dive into an ocean of vibrations that will challenge your senses and connect you with the vast universe that surrounds us. Join this unique experience that blends the cosmic and the earthly, taking music to intergalactic levels.

Don’t miss the opportunity to be part of this sonic odyssey, where the mothership and its crew will share the magic of their interdimensional journey. Prepare to spread your wings and soar with the frequencies that connect galaxies!



March 2-3, 2024


Morelos, Mexico, Planet Earth


FUNKTION ONE by Loto Audio


  • Amras // Portugal
    Kashyyyk // Mexico
    Ugly Ducky // Portugal
    K-Freq // Portugal
    Zombie Scream // Mexico
    Anginha // Brazil
    Makro // Mexico
    Razing Prophet // EUA
    Sampler // Mexico



  • Nexus Visions // Mexico

Tickets: Get your tickets here

Guest Countries:

  • Guatemala
  • Costa Rica

More info at: www.pleiadianrecords.com

Get ready to embark on a unique intergalactic journey where FUNKTION ONE’s acoustic technology by Loto Audio meets Sonic Navigators from around the world. The visual experience by Nexus Visions will elevate this odyssey to new heights. Secure your ticket and join this one-of-a-kind voyage that transcends earthly boundaries and connects you with universal vibrations! ????????????

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