MX [Toluca, Edo Mex.]

Armando González, better known as DJ Stardrill, is the director of Crossfader.net, an internet radio station that covers Mexico’s electronic music scene and has been on air for over 17 years.

At the beginning of his career, he collaborated with alternative rock groups such as Radio Planeta, Los Jornaleros Agrícolas, and Ensambles Africanos starting in middle on 90 ́s .

In 2005, he founded Crossfader Undernet Radio with the collective Mente en Blanco, and later moved to Mexico City to collaborate with more collectives including Zua Records, Unlimited Sound, Teckne Sound, Quantum Collective, Innsound, Believe In Beats, Infradig Records, Anahata Records, Sonar Night, TMM Radio, Palmas Records, Ib oga Records, Euforia, Technocolor, Babylon Zoo, Xood Records, BLR Records, Númerica, Secret Jam Records, among others.

In 2007, he connected with his old friend Gerardo Flores and David Tena produced the podcast EL – LEKTRO, which became one of the most succ essful programs in downloads and radio listeners, achieving great events with production companies like Aural Pleasure in thematic and anniversary parties such as HOME SWEET TECHNO I & II, Soundgarden Techno, events in clubs, after – parties, and private par ties, collaborating with renowned artists such as John Selway, Satoshi Tomiie, John Digweed, D – Nox & Beckers, Fergie, Anthony Pappa, Fairmont, Ticon, Radio Slave, Mapusa Mapusa, Hector Romero, Chloe Harris, R.P.O., Divino Medrano, Carlos Valadie, Gunther, Neftali Blasko, Heck, Vazik, Carlos Belatti, Odiseo, Ojos, and Saeg, to name a few.

In early 2008, he launched his career as a professional DJ and performed at private events, friends’ parties, and national festivals in Oaxaca, Mexico State, Veracruz, and Morelos. In late 2013, he created a live program called “Mono Stereo” with DJ Andros and Josue Macias, together with the Zotz.tv team in Mexico City, where he connected with more artists in the Mexican national scene.

In February 2015, he started Crossfade r Agency with a new wave of emerging DJs and others already recognized, such as Sk8walker, Sintonika, Flatch, Eduardo Miranda, Deuzler, Mauricio Jaques, Ricardo Trueba, Cyntax, Danni Mass, Tatiana Nudelman, Dackhen, Pleyaudio, Deleit, Svek, Anthar Dass, an d DJ Stardrill became part of the roster until 2018.

In that year, he moved to Cabo San Lucas in Baja California Sur, where he worked as a resident DJ at “AGUA SALADA” for 2 years and connected with the local scene that supported the station’s anniversary events with DJs such as Merak and Ixchel from Acid Tools B.C.S., Carlos Rosas, Cinthia Lo He, and the collective “No Borders,” among many others.

He participated and collaborated with parties in the desert, beaches, and bars, finding spaces such as the fam ous “Cabo Jacks” and some hotels and pools where he organized his events until 2020.

His project, Paxango Dub Selectah, has led him to perform on various festival stages in Mexico, moving dance floors at some important venues such as Space Mother Ship “Palenque Chiapas 2012”, Expo Dj World 2010 – 2013, Nierika 2014, 7 Aniversario B.A. Recs, Natura Sinergia 2015, Zelebra Festival (Play Label 2016) ASIETE FEST (2016), Sunyata Trance Fest,(Lisergica 25, 2016), Ocelotl Tribal Gathering (Play Label 2016), Fiesta de la música (Jose del Cabo 2017), Panda fest (cerritos 2018), Thru festival (Cabo San Lucas 2018), Pacific Fest 2018, Sunday Funkday 2018, Gatherin g w interactive noise, Mexicodelic 2019, Psyloween, Kingdom of Sambhala 2019, Yaxche (Cholula Puebla 2021) S pace Oddisey (Fractal Dimension 2021), Plantas de Poder 3 (Palenque Chiapas), Sun Day Sesions & Friends y Back to the Jungle en (Buddha Garden 2022), Glow Neon Party (Cabo San Lucas 2022) Aniversario D – Nox (Metepec 2022) Space Mother Ship 2 (Palenque Chiapas 2022).

Dj Stardrill’s dedication to the electronic music scene in Mexico has made him a respected figure within the community.

He has helped to promote and support emerging artists and labels through his radio station and agency, and he continues to pe rform at festivals and events across the country.

His passion for music and his tireless work ethic have made him a beloved figure in the Mexican electronic music scene. Recorded sessions as Pachango Dub Selectah are an exquisite auditory exhibition galle ry, featuring samplers, loops, re – edits, and special remixes from his treasure trove of underground music collected over the years, including 80s, 90s, and current remixes as experience in bars and private parties.

Currently, he is the leader of the radio portal (X – fdr.net). His sets are as varied and different as the party, time, and location, covering genres ranging from Downtempo, Ambient, Lounge, Psy – Dub, Progressive House, and Deep House, ideal for warm – ups and various genres of low – beat. He is one of the most versatile DJs of Crossfader Agency


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